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Why Sellers Use TC Review and TC Drafting

by | Oct 3, 2023 | TC Drafting, TC Review

You accepted an offer! All those years of home ownership will be behind you. Once escrow closes, you’ll have more money than you ever imagined possible!

Next move? A sunny climate where pina coladas are cheap. You earned it! All those years of mortgage payments, homeowner’s premiums, and property taxes are behind you.

Why get your contract reviewed by an attorney now? The following is a short list of reasons often overlooked during the real estate transaction by Sellers, any one of which can derail a transaction and potentially lead to a law suit:

  1. Contract Obligations: Do you know what your legal obligations are under the contract? Do you understand all of them? Are they clearly written? Do they fit your circumstances? Can you fulfill those promises?  
  2. Disclosures: Did you disclose everything you’re legally required to disclose? When’s the last time you reviewed your seller disclosure form? What does the law say about your obligation to disclose?
  3. Contract Calendar: Do the promised dates of performance realistically work together? Have you made a contract calendar? Is the contract calendar conducive to a successful close of escrow?   

The above is a short list of the multitude of things that could upend your real estate transaction … and get between you and your dream!

With so much on the line, trusting your real estate agent to perform these and other legal obligations on your behalf can be risky. The fiduciary obligations of real estate agents vary State-to-State. Attorneys carry a fiduciary duty in all fifty States.

Timely Contract Solutions

TC Review: Use TC Review to avoid common mistakes of the real estate transaction and avoid legal liability.

TC Drafting: Use TC Drafting to modify contract language and get your transaction back on track.

Use Timely Contract to avoid common problems of the real estate transaction … and to sleep better at night!

This post is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.

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