About Us

Timely Contract was developed by Art and Leslie Macomber, an Attorney-MBA team that identified the need for better legal information during the real estate transaction.

The inspiration for this years-long effort was Art's meetings with over a thousand potential new clients over the span of five years. Art found that many problems seen in the law office were avoidable, if only buyers and sellers had access to timely legal information during the real estate transaction.

It is estimated that one out of ten real estate transactions would benefit from the involvement of an attorney. With five million real estate transactions occurring annually, the unaddressed legal needs of buyers and sellers is staggering.

In developing Timely Contract, many challenges inherent to the legal industry have been overcome. State bars regulate attorney behavior through Rules of Professional Responsibility. Timely Contract operates in accordance with these Rules of Professional Responsibility.

Through limited-scope services offered by Timely Contract, small- to medium-sized landowners now have access to the same relevant, actionable legal information as large investors.

Welcome to the new world of transactional real estate. Welcome to Timely Contract!


Please note that our primary legal services include: real estate contract review; real estate contract drafting; legal opinions for title insurance exceptions; and custom-designed research, due diligence, and legal opinions for properties.