Real Estate Contract and Due Diligence Solutions

Started by the wife of an attorney, Timely Contract® makes it easy for buyers and sellers to get real estate questions answered before an action is taken that cannot be undone.

Timely Contract* puts information into the hands of residential and small commercial investors that helps avoid post-transaction legal problems, when problems are more expensive to resolve . . . if a resolution is available.

And through The Green Light System®, invaluable legal due diligence information is now available to residential and small commercial investors, information previously available only to large commercial investors.  

Timely Contract solutions are:

Robust. A suite of powerful online legal solutions designed specifically for real estate transactions.

Expert. Attorneys with a singular focus on real estate law.

Fast. Expedited solutions that fit standard closing calendars.

Welcome to the future of real property transactions!

*Timely Contract® is a DBA of Real Property Solutions, LLC, an Idaho corporation.