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Timely Contract was conceived by Art and Leslie Macomber, an Attorney-MBA team working together to grow a real estate law practice that succeeded through building value for clients. Most real estate attorneys aspire to a legal practice based on a few large clients. Instead, Art and Leslie decided to specialize in the legal needs of the small- to medium-sized landowner.

Through over a thousand no-charge visits with potential new clients over the course of ten years, Art and Leslie realized that many of the problems seen at the law office were not only avoidable but unresolvable, highlighting the urgency to find something that could be done.

The problem was most pronounced when folks had purchased a parcel not understanding the dramatic and negative effect certain public-record documents had on their purchase. The Buyer Beware legal theory assumes all buyers know of, and understand the impact of, all public-record documents. Wittingly or not, these visitors to the law office had been sold a pig-in-a-poke! These folks had no legal problem, hence there was no legal solution.

The Timely Contract platform was developed with these people in mind, some of whom had lost their life savings. If these folks knew before the transaction what they learned afterwards, they would have made a different buying decision. Art and Leslie decided to do what they could to make better information available during the real estate transaction.

In developing Timely Contract, many challenges inherent to the legal industry have been overcome. State bars regulate attorney behavior through Rules of Professional Responsibility. Contrary to public opinion, most attorneys pay strict attention to these rules, and to good effect. Timely Contract seeks to operate in accordance with these Rules of Professional Responsibility. Your website experience may be kludgy at times as a result. Suffice to say there are good reasons why legal information has not been made commercially available in the online environment before now.

Large investors have access to relevant, actionable real estate legal information through staff attorneys. Now small- to medium-sized real estate investors do as well through the Timely Contract suite of real estate transactional legal services.

Welcome to the new world of transactional real estate. Welcome to Timely Contract!

Please note that our primary legal services include: real estate contract review; real estate contract drafting; legal opinions for title insurance exceptions; and custom-designed research, due diligence, and legal opinions for properties.

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Timely Contract puts you in touch with experienced real estate counsel through its network of licensed Timely Contract® Certified providers. Presently, our providers are licensed to serve property owners in Idaho, Montana, and Washington States.

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