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About Us

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Timely Contract delivers transactional real estate legal services through a network of experienced real estate attorneys.

Timely Contract was conceived by an Attorney-MBA team who saw the need for better legal information during the real estate transaction.

Our aggressive time frames keep your deal in contract and help avoid problems seen at the law office every week.

Welcome to the new world of transactional real estate. Welcome to Timely Contract!

Timely Contract Certified

Look for Timely Contract® Certified attorneys to handle your transactional real estate legal matters.

Timely Contract puts you in touch with experienced real estate counsel through its network of licensed Timely Contract® Certified providers. Presently, our providers are licensed to serve property owners in Idaho, Montana, and Washington States.


For information about becoming a Timely Contract Certified Licensee, click here.

Timely Contract® is a DBA of Real Property Solutions, LLC, an Idaho corporation.