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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn your legal services around so fast?

Timely Contract offers limited-scope legal solutions that strictly define and limit the legal work the attorney is tasked with performing. Rather than being responsible for an 8-course meal, the attorney performs their legal work a-la-carte, thereby limiting billable time to work that is most valuable to the client.

Why is legal due diligence important?

Lack of legal due diligence is the single most significant source of buyer’s remorse amongst residential investors. States differ markedly on consumer protections. When moving from a State with high protections to a State with low protections, buyers often overlook the need to research utilities, roads, easements, land use restrictions, and other aspect of real estate ownership. Buying a sow’s ear, not a silk purse, can turn a real estate dream into a nightmare. 

Do you do deeds?

Yes. TC Drafting is the recommended service for deeds. Because deeds affect the ownership of real property, it is critical that deeds are drafted according to the public document record.

Should a lender care if I purchase a TIER®?

Yes. A lender should care because a TIER substantiates the lender’s appraisal of value. Both TIER® and  TIER Plus®  render a legal opinion that will hold up to a legal challenge.

Is TIER® important for cash buyers?

Yes. Cash buyers don’t have the benefit of a lender’s underwriting process, a process that can identify legal problems affecting title. Both TIER® and TIER Plus® deliver legal opinions allowing cash buyers to become aware of invisible legal risks and circumstances of the parcel affecting not just the title, but the use and enjoyment of a parcel as well.

How much do your services cost?

Advance fee and hourly rates are subject to local conditions and are set by your TC Certified attorney. During the 1st Attorney Phone Call, the TC Certified attorney will discuss fees with you. You are under no obligation to engage the services of the TC Certified attorney.

I’m interested in becoming a Licensee. Where do I start?

Licensing opportunities are available in every State of the Union. Please go to the Join Our Network page through the navigation bar above to submit an Indication of Interest. Your inquiry will be kept in the strictest of confidence.