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Real Estate Attorney For Sellers

If you’re like most Americans, your home is your biggest asset. That’s why when you sell, it’s critical to get the most out of the transaction. With so much at stake, better to know the transaction will hold up to legal scrutiny, but it can be tough to find a real estate attorney to do the legal work within contract timeframes. That’s where Timely Contract comes in!

Risks In Selling Real Estate 

There are literally dozens of legal circumstances that can affect the value of your property. But, before you start looking at contract provisions or disclosure requirements, start with the public document record. Is it clean? Do you understand the exceptions documents? Does your asking price account for the effect the public documents have on the parcel? Are there legal conditions that, if corrected, will increase its value? 

Beyond looking into the public document record, it’s important to understand your purchase and sale contract and the disclosure laws for your State. Mistakes or misrepresentations filling out the contract; poor or illegal contract provisions; improper or illegal disclosures are ways that sellers risk legal jeopardy. 

No one willingly enters a purchase and sale agreement knowing they are purchasing a lawsuit. Better to spend “Pennies” during the transaction than “Dollars” afterward on court remedies with no guarantee of success.

Timely Contract Solutions For Sellers

Choose which of the solutions below best matches your legal need. An Order Request will be sent through to a TC Certified™ attorney licensed in the jurisdiction of your property. The TC Certified™ attorney will contact you within two business days. Explain what’s going on. You are under no obligation to engage the services of the TC Certified™ attorney. 

  • TC Review. TC Review answers your legal questions when you’ve signed a document, or are otherwise legally committed to a document. 
  • TC Drafting. TC Drafting delivers a custom-drafted document when you need contract terms and provisions that boilerplate contracts don’t address, or a a contract modification to an existing agreement.
  • TIER. TIER delivers a written legal opinion signaling the “health” of the parcel when you need to understand County Recorder’s Office documents.
  • TIER Plus. TIER Plus delivers a written legal opinion when you have questions about local, State, Tribal, or Federal documents. 
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