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How Timely Contract® Works


Order Request

Business Day 0
Complete an Order Request. Upload relevant document(s). Your Order Request is forwarded to a TC Certified™ attorney licensed in the jurisdiction of the property.

1st Attorney Call

Business Day 2
The TC Certified™ attorney calls to discuss your concerns and possible solutions. Engage the services of the attorney by returning a signed Fee Agreement and advance fee.

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Performance of Legal Solution

Delivery date depends on solution agreed to during the 1st Attorney Call. Depending on the solution and availability of documents, delivery can take up to ten business days, sometimes longer.

2nd Attorney Call

Your TC Certified™ attorney will call at the scheduled time. Discuss the legal deliverable and address any remaining questions you may have. If additional legal work is required, a new Scope of Service and Fee Agreement will need to be negotiated.

What You Should Know

TC Certified™. TC Certified™ attorneys are experienced in real property law and licensed in the State where the subject property is located.

Fee Agreement. Fee Agreement defines terms by which a client engages the legal services of an attorney.

Hourly Rate. Hourly rate is subject to local conditions and set by the TC Certified™ attorney.

Trust Account. By law, advance fees for legal services are held in trust. Trust accounts are held to strict accounting standards.

Advance Fee. Advance fee is the dollar amount required in advance before legal services are rendered. The advance fee remains the property of the client unless exhausted by invoiced legal services and expenses. Any balance due after work is completed is refunded to the client.


Timely Contract Order Request

Generic Order Request

Contact Information

Your Time Zone?
(Please choose the time zone you are located in)

Subject Property

What’s Going On?

Maximum file size: 5MB

Select up to 4 files using the Shift key (PC) or the Command key (Mac). PDF, DOC, DOCX, and JPG file formats are supported.
Timely Contract is not a law firm. An attorney-client relationship is not created upon submission of this Order Request.

This Order Request will be directed to an independent TC Certified™ attorney for its fulfillment. TC Certified™ attorneys are independently owned and operated.

Thank you for using Timely Contract®. Real Property, Real Solutions®.

Have the following handy:

  • Daytime Phone Number.
  • Goals. A concise statement of why you are seeking legal counsel.
  • Conflict Check. Person(s) or entity on the other side of the transaction. If unknown, indicate “Unknown”
  • Documents. Have electronic copies of relevant documents ready for upload.

Examples of Documents

  • Contract Modifications
  • CC&R’s
  • Contract Terms or Changes (can be handwritten)
  • Deeds
  • Flood Zone information
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Seller Disclosure Form
  • Septic Regulations

Confirmation Email. Monitor your email for confirmation email, including junk mail.

Limited-scope legal services restrict the involvement of an attorney in a client matter to a predefined set of legal services. Timely Contract’s suite of limited-scope legal services address common transactional problems encountered in the real estate industry.

Limited-scope legal services do not meet the needs of every legal client. If a potential client’s legal need is beyond the scope of the Timely Contract solutions, your TC Certified™ attorney will recommend traditional legal services.

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