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Timely Contract® is looking for a few good attorneys.

One in each of the fifty States, to be exact!

Timely Contract Legal Solutions

Aggressive residential contract timeframes make it tough for full-service attorneys to take the transactional real estate legal market seriously. 

Timely Contract’s limited-scope legal solutions deliver actionable information to the residential real estate client within contract timeframes, while limiting legal liability.

Join the Timely Contract network of attorneys and help residential buyers and sellers stay out of the court room. 

Is Timely Contract for you?

TC Certified attorneys analyze complex real estate legal problems and deliver TC solutions within defined timeframes. Attorney candidates shall have a minimum of five years’ full-time substantive real estate legal experience, be technically savvy, and have operational control over the delivery of their legal services.

TC Certification

Submit the Indication of Interest found on this page.

  1. TC Educational Library. You will be sent a password-protected link to the TC Educational Library. Watch 90 minutes of video-based educational content. 
  2. Conditional Use License Agreement. You will be sent the Real Property Solutions, LLC Conditional Use License Agreement (CULA), including a volume-based Fee Schedule for Order Requests. Sign and return the CULA.  
  3. TC Certification. You will be sent the Timely Contract Operations Manual (TCOM), including templated Fee Agreement, Scripts, Forms, Letters, and Emails.

The Cost

There is no cost to becoming TC Certified. Once certified, an attorney’s cost per Order Request is governed by a volume-based Fee Schedule referenced in the CULA. 

Indication of Interest

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Join the network to start receiving Order Requests. Work as many, or as few, as you like by listing, or delisting, your availability.  As new Licensees sign on, dedicated territories will be assigned by County according to seniority. Inquiries will be held in the strictest of confidence.

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