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Why Become TC Certified™?

It’s estimated that one out of ten real estate transactions would benefit from the involvement of a real estate attorney. With five million U.S. transactions annually, the unaddressed legal needs of residential Buyers and Sellers are staggering.

Become TC Certified™ to implement timely and targeted legal solutions that help keep Buyers and Sellers out of the courtroom.

Is Timely Contract for you?

Analyze complex real estate legal problems and deliver TC solutions within defined timeframes. Attorney candidates will have a minimum of five years of full-time substantive real estate legal experience, be technically savvy, and have operational control over the delivery of their legal services.

The Cost

There’s no cost to becoming TC Certified™. Once certified, attorneys will be charged a Fee for each Order Request. Order Request Fees are roughly equivalent to the hourly rate of an experienced real estate attorney in your region.

TC Certification

Three easy steps to certification:

  1. Indication of Interest. Submit the Indication of Interest form located on this page or call 844.846.3592 (844.TIMELYC) to discuss the opportunity.
  2. Educational Library. Complete two hours of video-based educational content.
  3. Conditional Use License Agreement and LawPay Vault payment request. Return the signed Conditional Use License Agreement (CULA) and complete the LawPay Vault request for payment information.

Once You’re TC Certified™

Once certified, you’ll start receiving Order Requests. Work as many Order Requests as your workload warrants by listing and delisting your availability with Timely Contract.

New Licensees will be assigned territories by County, according to seniority.

Inquiries held in strictest confidence.

Indication of Interest

Join Our Network
Practice Areas in Which You Have at Least 5 Years Experience:

Timely Contract®. Real Property, Real Solutions®

“The vexations of secular legal proceedings are beset by wretched anxieties of such number and magnitude, and are enveloped in so many fraudulences, that these processes and the quite unpredictable hazard of the courts seem rather things to be avoided.”    The Laws of Henry the First (Leges Henrici Primi) Chapter 6 ¶6, circa 1115 A.D.

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