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Accessing Traditional Legal Service Through Timely Contract®

As useful as limited-scope legal services are, there are times when a more robust set of legal services is necessary. Timely Contract can be used to identify experienced real estate attorneys licensed in the jurisdiction of the property who may be interested in your traditional matter.

How do Traditional Services Differ from Timely Contract® Legal Solutions?

Traditional legal service is defined by the scope of service agreed to by client and attorney memorialized in a signed Fee Agreement. Timeframes are sometimes addressed in this document, but more often are not.

Timely Contract legal solutions have two defining characteristics: 1) a scope of service that explicitly defines and limits the legal work a TC Certified attorney performs; and 2) hard-and-fast deadlines the TC certified attorney commits to meeting.

Timely Contract limited-scope legal solutions will not meet every legal need of the residential real estate transaction. However, Timely Contract may still be able to help!

How to Access Traditional Legal Services Through Timely Contract®

If you’re in need of legal services outside of the boundaries of a Timely Contract limited-scope solution, your perceived legal need may be complex but getting the attention of a TC Certified attorney is not.

Upon receipt of an Order Request, the TC Certified attorney is committed to contacting you within two business days. Upload an Order Request for the Timely Contract solution best suited to your legal need and wait for the 1st Attorney Call.

Once you’ve had the 1st Attorney Call, there’s no guarantee the attorney will take your case on a traditional basis. There are many reasons an attorney might agree to a limited-scope approach but not to a traditional one. In the worst-case scenario, the TC Certified attorney should give you a referral to two or more attorneys competent to perform the work.

Timely Contract Solutions

Any of the four Timely Contract solutions can be relevant to the accessing of traditional legal services, depending on the legal need. Whether Buyer or Seller, the upload of an Order Request will serve as an introduction to a TC Certified attorney.

Use Timely Contract to avoid common problems of the real estate transaction … and to sleep better at night!

This post is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.

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