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Attorneys and Timely Contract®

As an experienced real estate attorney, you may never imagine that the residential real estate market would ever be an attractive practice area.

The first two strikes against the practice area are aggressive time frames and unrealistic client expectations. The third strike is the high legal liability, incenting attorneys to involve themselves in every aspect of the transaction. No wonder real estate agents hold attorneys in disdain when the transaction doesn’t close.

Why Timely Contract® for Attorneys?

Every residential real estate transaction involves a unique piece of real property, unique Buyers and Sellers, and a unique combination of contractual and regulatory frameworks. It should come as no surprise that it’s estimated that one out of ten real estate transactions would benefit from the involvement of a real estate attorney.

With five million real estate transactions happening annually in the United States, the market for TC Certified™ attorneys is epochal. As a TC Certified™ attorney, you will gain the tools to solve client problems in this challenging practice area.

The best reason to become TC Certified™ is the benefit to your clients. By avoiding litigation after the deal closes, clients save on legal fees and the stress and strain of litigation. An added benefit to you is that, as your reputation as a problem solver grows, so do referrals.

Become TC Certified™

Becoming TC Certified™ is a simple process taking less time than it takes to watch a football game. Become TC Certified™ and serve the legal needs of the residential real estate market with proven solutions that keep clients coming back.

TC Certified™ attorneys work on complex, highly defined, short-lived legal problems for a typically affluent client population. For the attorney who avoids litigation, the limited-scope nature of the Timely Contract solution provides an end point that lends itself to referrals. The typical TC Certified™ work environment is characterized by high autonomy, relatively low stress, and high job satisfaction. Earning potential depends on work ethic, employment ecosystem, and organizational savvy.

An added benefit to becoming TC Certified™ is that real estate agents should start giving you some respect, and referrals!

Start the TC certification process by filling out the Indication of Interest form on the Join Our Network page.

This posting is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.

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