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Real Estate Agents and Timely Contract®

Timely Contract® for Legal Risk Mitigation

As an experienced real estate agent, you may never imagine that an attorney could be useful to your practice: attorneys take too long, address issues no one cares about, and jeopardize the transaction.

Attorneys carry unlimited legal liability for the scope of service for which they are hired. If hired to handle a real estate transaction, it’s in the attorney’s interest to insert themselves into every aspect of the transaction in order to limit legal exposure. Timely Contract® addresses this specific problem: with the advent of TC Certified™, attorneys limit legal liability by limiting the scope of service. Not only can TC Certified™ attorneys fit their legal solution into your transaction calendar but, by using your local TC Certified™ attorney, you reduce legal risk without losing control of the transaction.

Real estate agents, do your Buyers and Sellers a favor: Use a TC Certified™ attorney the next time a client has a legal question.

Errors and Omissions Policies

It doesn’t happen often to real estate agents but clients “come back” from time-to-time. Common causes of legal action include but are not limited to non-disclosure, misrepresentation, and improperly giving legal advice. Errors and Omissions policies cover a host of errors but don’t cover the giving of legal advice. If found guilty of giving legal advice improperly, you can lose your license.

What can you do as a real estate agent when a client has a legal question? If you have a local real estate attorney who can address clients’ concerns without risking your transaction, you are indeed fortunate. If not, limit legal risk and reduce insurance claims by referring clients to Timely Contract.

Timely Contract Solutions

Timely Contract solutions address common legal mistakes of the real estate transaction.

TC Review®. When your client has questions about a signed document or questions about a document to which they may otherwise be legally bound, TC Review® gets their questions answered within four business days.

TC Drafting®. When your client has a document needing modifications or they need a document drafted from scratch, TC Drafting® delivers a custom-drafted document within ten business days.

TIER®. When your client has legal due diligence questions about County Recorder’s Office documents, TIER® delivers a written legal opinion within four business days.

TIER Plus®. When your client has legal due diligence questions about the effect that Local, Tribal, State, or Federal rules, regulations, or laws have on the use of a parcel, TIER Plus® delivers a written legal opinion regarding their specific concern(s) within ten business days.

Use Timely Contract to avoid common legal risks of the real estate transaction … and sleep better at night!

The information in this Post is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.

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