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FSBOs: Tips For Selling Real Estate

FSBOs: Tips For Selling Real Estate

FSBO Real Estate Tips: Boost Your For Sale By Owner Success If you’re planning to sell real estate – whether a condo, single-family home, vacant land, or another type of property – chances are you’d prefer to do it quickly and for the highest price. By offering your...

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Tenants in Common

Tenants in Common

Understanding Tenancy in Common in Real Estate When real property is owned by a single owner, the owner is said to have ownership in severalty. For many of you, this may be a new word, but you can remember it by thinking of the word “severed.” When you have ownership...

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Buyer Representation Agreements

Buyer Representation Agreements

Understanding Buyer Representation Agreements in Real Estate Buyer’s Agents spend a lot of time showing homes. It’s part of the real estate business. Buyer’s Agents are 100% commission-based and rely on their business acumen, excellent people skills, and the good will...

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Real Estate Transaction Fees: Important Court Decision

Real Estate Transaction Fees: An Upending Verdict A guilty verdict was handed down by a federal jury on October 31, 2023 that threatens to upend the cozy financial relationships enjoyed by agents representing Buyers and Sellers during the real estate transaction. In...

Why Sellers Use TC Review and TC Drafting

You accepted an offer! All those years of home ownership will be behind you. Once escrow closes, you’ll have more money than you ever imagined possible! Next move? A sunny climate where pina coladas are cheap. You earned it! All those years of mortgage payments,...

Accessing Traditional Legal Service Through Timely Contract®

As useful as limited-scope legal services are, there are times when a more robust set of legal services is necessary. Timely Contract can be used to identify experienced real estate attorneys licensed in the jurisdiction of the property who may be interested in your...

Moving from State to State: The Role of Fiduciary Duty

When moving from State-to-State, Buyers are often unaware that the legal obligations of real estate agents in the new, destination State will not necessarily mirror the legal obligations of agents in their old State. In other words, the legal environment you left may...

TC Drafting for Real Estate Document Drafts in Ten Business Days

Document drafting for the real estate transaction is the process of creating documents that satisfy the legal requirements of Buyer and Seller, meet the practical needs of the transaction, and memorialize terms, conditions, and contingencies that are acceptable to all...

Types of Real Estate Contracts

There are many types of RE contracts available to buyers and sellers. We’ve compiled the Top 40 for your review!

Real Estate Glossary

From A to Z, we’ve compiled over 310 real estate terms!
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