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by | Feb 19, 2021 | TC Drafting, TC Review, TIER, TIER Plus

Government Approval for Construction: Navigating Regulatory Hurdles in Building Projects

Government Approval for Construction is a formidable hurdle in the world of building projects. It’s no secret that government is big and getting bigger. What if you want to build an addition on your home? In most areas of the United States, you’ll have to undertake time-consuming and expensive processes to gain government approval. I’m not talking about permit approval. I’m talking about a plan down to every nail, piece of trim, type of roofing, and architectural design detail. Even the construction of a pole barn requires approval according to city or county ordinances, state, and even federal law.

With rural property, a potential property owner needs a surveyor, an attorney, and maybe an architect to create site and building plans meeting government requirements. Heck, you may need to hire a civil engineer to design a drain field and septic system, as well as a hydrologist to evaluate whether water is available so you can drill a well. Depending on the location’s proximity to railroads, and existing or former agricultural, manufacturing, or industrial uses, additional experts may be necessary to generate environmental reports related to soil and water impacts of potential uses. If a potential property owner finds pollution on the property, the seller may then be obligated to disclose information about the pollution, and the buyer and the seller may be saddled with remediation.

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