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Limited Scope Legal Services for Real Estate Transactions

by | Aug 13, 2021 | TC Drafting, TC Review, TIER, TIER Plus

Timely Contract uses limited-scope legal solutions to meet the legal needs of the residential transactional marketplace.

What is a limited-scope legal service? A limited-scope legal service limits the scope of the legal service provided by the attorney to exactly what the client specifies. A Fee Agreement memorializing the scope of service is crafted by the attorney and signed by the client.

By limiting the scope of the legal service provided, the attorney can ignore legal risks they otherwise may not have the latitude to disregard under traditional arrangements. Attorneys are held to high standards regarding the performance of legal services. Identifying legal risks, or issue-spotting, is a duty an attorney owes a client unless specifically requested otherwise. Limited-scope legal services do just that. They relieve the attorney from performing unwanted, unknown, or not highly valued legal services.

With Timely Contract solutions, TC Certified attorneys will apprise a client if a legal issue falling outside the scope of service rises to a level where it would be irresponsible to not mention it. At that point, it is incumbent on the client to decide whether to address it or not. The attorney has no duty to address the issue on behalf of the client.

Limited-scope legal services fit the demands of the residential real estate transactional marketplace by allowing a legal service to be tightly defined, quickly fulfilled, and modestly priced. When faced with a choice between traditional services with its 8-course meal approach and Timely Contract’s a-la-carte approach, it’s believed that giving the client a low-cost, targeted solution to the common problems of the real estate transaction is a better solution than what the legal profession has offered up so far, no solution at all!

See TC Review, TC Drafting, TIER, and TIER Plus for more detailed descriptions of the the Timely Contract suite of legal solutions.

The information in this Post is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.

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