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by | Jan 17, 2019

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Judgments – which are official decisions that have been rendered by a Court – cover a wide variety of issues that can impact real estate.

Quiet Title Judgment
When two parties have conflicting claims to land or property, a quiet title judgment determines the rights of the conflicting claims and who legally owns the property. Designed to clarify ownership or title of a property, a quiet title judgment “quiets” or removes an objection or claim to a title for a property. Quiet title judgments are often used for disputes with mortgage lenders, when an owner dies, and for adverse possession of a property.

Money Judgment
A money judgment is an order from the Court that a creditor (or other plaintiff) has won a lawsuit and is entitled to collect a certain amount of money. Once a creditor has a money judgment in hand, the creditor can attempt to collect the money, including through the use of a judgment lien.

Judgment Lien
Creditors often use judgment liens as a method of collecting money owed to them. A judgment lien gives a creditor the right to take possession of a debtor’s property. In most states, creditors need to record judgment liens with the county or state, and they’re attached to the property without the owner’s consent. If a debtor doesn’t have property at the time of the judgment, the judgment lien can still be attached to future acquisitions (as long as the judgment lien hasn’t expired).

Eviction Judgment / Judgment For Possession
When a property owner wins an eviction case, the court orders an “eviction judgment.” An eviction judgment, also known as a judgment for possession, orders a person in possession of land or property to vacate the premises. Eviction judgments can be issued for commercial and residential properties.

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