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Fishing, Hunting, and Land Licenses

by | Jan 17, 2019

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If you own a farm, rural property, or other acreage, you might want to generate extra income by allowing other people to enter your property to hunt, fish, or use your property for a special purpose. If so, you should have a written agreement in place that permits the use of your property.

Fishing And Hunting Licenses
A fishing and/or hunting license agreement should include a number of terms, including:

•the price for the fishing license or hunting license

•the dates and times the licensee is permitted to be on the property

•what the owner can do if licensees come onto the property when they’re not supposed to be there

Land Licenses
A land license gives an individual or business the right to enter land for a certain purpose, such as to remove soil, sand, gravel, or timber. Land licenses don’t include water rights or mineral rights.

Land licenses are different than leases – the fundamental difference being that a lease generally gives the tenant exclusive possession of the property, whereas a land license gives the licensee permission to use the property at the owner’s discretion.

Land licenses are also different than easements – the fundamental difference being that an easement is an interest in the land that is conveyed every time the property is sold and is binding on subsequent owners, whereas a land license can’t be assigned to anyone else and can be terminated at will.

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