Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TIER important for cash buyers?

Cash buyers don’t have the benefit of a lender’s due diligence and expertise in avoiding common problems in real estate transactions. TIER Plus, and to a lesser extent TIER, produces information that lender’s typically require before lending on a property, giving a cash buyer the same information a lender requires before committing capital.

Why do you use a traffic light icon for The GREEN Light System?

We felt the traffic light icon was the easiest way to summarize for non-attorneys the results of what may be a complex analysis.  Real estate is complicated enough, even for attorneys, and with so much on the line during a normal real estate transaction, the traffic light icon seemed a perfect way to signal GO/CAUTION/STOP.

Do you provide escrow services?


What if I can’t afford an attorney?

Call your Legal Aid office. The privilege of owning real property can be expensive. If the normal expense of ownership is unaffordable, consider selling all or part of your holdings.

Should a lender care if I purchase a TIER?

Yes. A favorable marketing assessment (GREEN or YELLOW) lends credibility to the transaction by rendering a favorable legal opinion regarding the public document record of the parcel securing the debt.

Do you create deeds?

Yes. Use TC Drafting for the professional due diligence and drafting that avoids expensive problems later on. In the end, you want a public record that enhances the value of your property. Better to spend pennies now than dollars later.

Can you do chain of title research?

No. We hire title companies and produce a legal opinion based on the information they provide.

Can you help me for a property outside of Idaho, Montana, or Washington?

Not presently. We can only provide services in the states for which we have licensed attorneys.

Why do you record phone calls?

For your protection and ours, recording a telephone call provides a permanent record of a client’s intent when they contract with Macomber Law to perform a legal service. In each of the TIER PlusTC Review and TC Drafting products, we consult with the client over the phone prior to beginning our work to determine the goals they have for that product. Because the success of the online Timely Contract products is so highly reliant on the content of this conversation, preserving it enables us to memorialize these goals so that we are able to refer back to them later on for clarification, when memory or notes may be insufficient.

Can I license The GREEN Light System at my real estate brokerage?

Yes. We have an active licensing opportunity available for GREEN Light Certified brokers. Go to