Real Estate Contracts

Real estate contracts aren’t for the faint of heart! Stretching for pages on end, with legal jargon that’s hard to decipher, these types of agreements can be difficult to read, much less understand.

But we love them! At Timely Contract, for buyers and sellers, we draft real estate contracts, review them, interpret them, add addendums to them.

Types Of Real Estate Contracts

The most common types of real estate contracts include:

Key Clauses In Real Estate Contracts

Our real estate lawyers are well-versed in state, county, and municipal laws and regulations. They’re also meticulous in drafting language that’s in accordance with the structure of State laws.

A real estate contract is meant to clearly articulate the agreements between the parties involved. Clauses in a real estate contract typically cover everything from money to finance terms, performance to responsibilities, dispute resolution to termination triggers. If a real estate contract is poorly worded, however, or missing key clauses, it can lead to a litany of problems. Hard feelings, delayed closings, collapsed deals, protracted and expensive litigation – we’ve seen it all!

At Timely Contract, after years of watching buyers and sellers experience a myriad of problems – most of which easily could have been avoided – we came up with two quick, cost-effective legal solutions.

Real Estate Contract Review

With our TC Review service, we can review any type of real estate contract for you.

Real Estate Contract Drafting

With our TC Drafting service, we can draw up a real estate contract that meets your needs and protects your interests. While other real estate law firms might take weeks (or even months) to draw up a contract, we can typically do it in less than 10 days. We can also draft revisions and provide legal support throughout the contract negotiations.

At Timely Contract we have local real estate attorneys who have experience throughout Idaho, including: Boise, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, and Sandpoint. 

We also have local real estate attorneys who have experience throughout Montana, including: Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, and Kalispell.

And we have local real estate attorneys who have experience throughout Washington, including: Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, and Cheney.