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Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate 01

Common Problems Addressed by Timely Contract 

Your home is a very personal investment. Issues that are unimportant in the commercial environment can become meddlesome in the residential environment. Issues of quality of living and neighborly relations: restrictive CC&R's, boundary and easement documents, and shared resource agreements like sewer, road, and water are common sources of frustration and dispute. Problems of transfer: undisclosed defects of physical structure is a common issue. By far the larger issue here, however, is the ignorance of public-record documents, documents the law assumes you know about and understand when you purchase the home. Protect your investment. Know what you are buying and selling.

Types of Residential Real Estate

Bare Land, Condos, For Sale By Owner, HOA's, Lakefront and Secondary, Mixed Residential/Commercial use, Platted Subdivision, Unplatted Land

Timely Contract® delivers better legal information so you can avoid common real estate problems, without leaving the home or office:

  • TIER® delivers legal due diligence and The GREEN Light System® risk assessment before the sale;
  • TIER Plus® answers advanced legal due diligence questions and delivers The GREEN Light System® risk assessment before the sale;
  • TC Drafting creates a custom contract or document based on your goals;
  • TC Traditional delivers access to traditional real estate counsel anywhere there is an internet connection and a phone.


GREEN Light certify your parcel


Identify legal risks beyond title exceptions

TC Drafting

Custom contract or document

TC Traditional

Legal counsel for a real estate transaction