Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Common Problems During Residential Transactions

Lack of legal due diligence: In platted subdivisions, the typical home buyer doesn't need a legal due diligence analysis. The problem is the atypical parcel and the unlucky buyer who buys the one parcel in the neighborhood with a legacy oil tank, or the parcel with the utility easement that makes the parcel unbuildable, or the parcel with a pressurized oil pipe  a few feet underneath the swing set. Also in platted subdivisions, buyers should read the Homeowners' or Condominium Association CC&R's and By-Laws for overly restrictive terms. 

Outside of the subdivision, the host of invisible legal risks like easements, boundary issues, land use restrictions, shared water and road agreements, to name a few, are all examples of circumstances that can result in quality of living issues and over-valuation of the parcel.

Contract language: Verbal disclosures, representations, or agreements can not be relied upon and are red flags. When dealing with a non-standard contract, need to be careful of poorly crafted or missing terms, ambiguous definitions, confusing language, lack of adequate disclosure.

Calendaring mishaps: Conflicting calendar timeframes, inadequate time allotted for contingencies, missing contingencies.

Types of Residential Real Estate

Bare Land • Condos For Sale By Owner HOA's Lakefront and Secondary Mixed Residential / Commercial Platted Subdivision Unplatted Land

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