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Farm Real Estate Transfers

Farm Real Estate Transfers

Common Problems Addressed by Timely Contract 

Problems with specific documents: poorly crafted contract definitions, vague terms of performance, problematic terms of bulk sales, bills of sale for mechanical assets, grazing leases, secured goods, sale of perishable and to-be-harvested goods; Poor understanding of public-record documents: deed restrictions, right-to-farm ordinances, shoreline management requirements, blanket utility easements, other easement issuesPoor integration of controlling documents: water rights allowances, ditch rights, drainage districts; Poor contract calendar integration. 

Types of Farms

Fruit Farms, Ranching and Animal Husbandry including Feedlots, Seed Farms, Tree Farms, Vegetable Farms


Timely Contract® delivers better legal information so you can avoid common real estate problems, without leaving the home or office:

  • TIER Plus® answers advanced legal due diligence questions and delivers The  GREEN Light System® risk assessment before the sale;
  • TC Review answers questions you have of an existing contract or document before or after the sale;
  • TC Traditional delivers traditional real estate counsel anywhere there is an internet connection and a phone;
  • TC Edge provides tools to market and sell your parcel for less.

TIER Plus®

Identify legal risks beyond title exceptions

TC Review

Legal opinion of existing contract or document

TC Traditional

Legal counsel for a real estate transaction

TC Edge

Tools to market and sell your parcel