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Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Common Problems Addressed by Timely Contract

Problems with specific documents involved in the transfer of commercial real estate: poorly-crafted definitions, ambiguous language, overly-complex sentences, unclear terms of performance or absence thereof; Poor understanding of public-record documents: unexpected evidence of debt encumbrance, easement issues, gaps in the public record, zoning and land use limitations, chain of title issues, deed restrictions, and other invisible parcel attributes affecting planned uses; Poor integration of controlling documents: ground lease clauses, master lease percentage of gross calculations; Poor transaction contract calendar integration.

Industries Using Timely Contract

Construction, Engineering, Farm, Hotel/Motel, Insurance, Land Developers, Logging, Manufacturing, Mining, Office,  Retail, Surveyors, Title insurers

Timely Contract® delivers better legal information so you can avoid common real estate problems, without leaving the home or office:

  • TIER Plus® answers advanced legal due diligence questions and delivers The GREEN Light System® risk assessment before the sale;
  • TC Review answers questions you have by delivering a legal opinion of an existing contract or document before or after the sale;
  • TC Drafting creates a custom contract or document based on your goals;
  • TC Edge provides tools to market and sell your parcel for less.

TIER Plus®

Identify legal risks beyond title exceptions

TC Review

Legal opinion of existing contract or document

TC Drafting

Custom contract or document

TC Edge

Tools to market and sell your parcel