TIER For Sellers

Buyer Beware. The law assumes you are aware of, and understand the legal effects of, all documents in the public record. Further, depending on where your parcel is located, there’s little to no legal recourse for not having done your homework.

If you’re getting ready to sell a property, undoubtedly, you’re going through a series of steps to make sure that it’s marketable and that you’re in the best position to get top dollar for it.

Prepare For Your Sale
To prepare for a quick sale at the highest price, you might be spiffing up the property, staging it, and correcting any defects that might prevent buyers from wanting to purchase it.

As part of your preparation, it could be very helpful to know that there aren’t any “exceptions” on the title insurance that could potentially jeopardize the sale or significantly impact the price.

Thanks to our TIER® service (title insurance exception review®), you can find out about any potential risks to the buyer that won’t be covered by title insurance.

Exceptions To Title Insurance
Common exceptions to title insurance include:

With our TIER service, we review the public-record documents that are at the County Recorder’s Office and help you understand the legal risks (if any) that a buyer will be taking on if they buy your property.

You might not even be aware of any issues with the title, or you might be aware of them but not understand the potential ramifications. By getting your hands on this information – sooner rather than later – you can potentially fix the issue and/or adjust your asking price.

TIER Reviews
A TIER review can help make escrow go more smoothly and provide peace of mind that when you’ve sold the property, you’re actually done with it!

At Timely Contract®, we make it easy to quickly get the legal help that you need for your real estate sale – order a TIER review today!

Please note: In addition to offering TIER sellers, we also offer TIER services for buyers.

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