TIER Plus For Buyers

Buyer Beware. The law assumes you are aware of, and understand the legal effects of, all documents in the public record. Further, depending on where your parcel is located, there’s little to no legal recourse for not having done your homework.

Do you really know what you’re getting with the property that you’re considering purchasing? Is there anything lurking out there that could have an impact on your use and enjoyment of the property or the value of it? It could be devastating to find out – after you’ve bought the property – that there’s a risk associated with the property, limits on how you can use it, or something that could devalue it.

Fast And Easy Legal Services
At Timely Contract®, we provide fast and easy legal services for real estate purchases, including custom legal due diligence. TIER Plus® is designed to provide legal due diligence and a legal opinion for a specific type of risk associated with the property.

Common Types Of Risk
The most common types of risks include issues with:

  • airspace rights
  • building permits
  • chain of title
  • conservation restrictions
  • endangered species
  • environmental phase testing results
  • flood zones
  • grazing permits
  • pre-existing code violations
  • septic permits
  • timber tax exemptions
  • tribal laws or regulations
  • UCC fixture encumbrances
  • water rights
  • wetlands
  • zoning

Knowing about these risks ahead of time – and the possible ramifications of them – can help you make an informed decision. With the TIER Plus legal opinion in hand, you could potentially renegotiate the price with the seller, accept the risk, or walk away from the deal entirely.

Know what you’re getting - order a TIER Plus today!

Please note: In addition to offering TIER Plus for buyers, we also offer TIER Plus services for sellers.

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