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The GREEN Light System assesses legal risks of public-record documents to a real estate transaction, making transparent legal information that may have a negative effect on the use, title, insurability, or financing of a parcel.

Public-Record Documents. Documents recorded in the county Recorder’s Office, or other public location, that have an effect on use, title, insurability, or financing of real property.

Because they are publicly recorded, the law assumes the buyer knows about a parcel's public-record documents, and understands their legal effect on a parcel.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer beware. After the sale, there is no recourse for not understanding the effect of public-record documents on the use, title, financing, or insurability of a parcel.

The GREEN Light System delivers a Legal Opinion letter of a parcel's public-record documents including an overall legal risk assessment based on a GREEN, YELLOW, or RED Light rating, ratings for each individual public-record document, a legal analysis of each document, and information on how to address negatively-rated documents.

Legal Opinion. A legal opinion uses the law of the State to interpret how a recorded document may affect a buyer’s or seller’s use of their property.

GREEN Light Certified® parcels have tested GREEN for all public-record documents.

The GREEN Light System®


Legal Opinion letters are written in plain English so a 10th-grader can understand them.

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Use, title, or financing weakness


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