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What is TC Review?

TC Review schedules a one-hour phone call with a real estate attorney so you can review a standard, copyrighted real estate contract and understand what you will sign or have already signed and what your options are. 

Why should I get TC Review?

Buying or selling real estate is arguably the largest, most complex, and important transaction of your life. It's estimated that roughly 60% of American wealth resides in the family home.

Whether residential or commercial, ask yourself, "Do I understand what I'm signing?" If the answer's no, you should then ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky today?"

Don't put your wealth at risk by leaving the success of your real estate investment to chance. Avoid mistakes. Find out what you're signing before you sign. 

What types of contracts are reviewed?

Templated, copyrighted contracts used in the course of buying and selling real estate, including Buyer's contracts and Purchase and Sale contracts used by Realtors®. 

How does TC Review work?

Order Request. Upload an Order Request.

Scheduling email. Within one business day, receive an email with a scheduled time to talk to your attorney.

Attorney phone call. Within two business days, talk to your attorney to review the contract and answer your questions.

How much does it cost?

TC Review is a flat rate, value-added service. We keep the cost at a low $400 because attorneys are answering common legal questions regarding templated contracts that are in wide circulation. 

I'm interested. What information do I need to order?

Have the following information handy:

  • Name
  • Phone number 
  • Time to call during the business day
  • Legal description, parcel number, and / or street address of Subject Property
  • Electronic, digitized version of your contract 
  • VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover information

Ordering takes less than five minutes.

What happens next?

Scheduling email. Within one business day, receive an email scheduling a one-hour appointment to talk with your attorney. 

Attorney phone call. Within two business days of the Scheduling email, talk with your attorney about contract terms, legal obligations, timeframes, legal risks, and any other questions you may have.