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Tools to market your GREEN Light Certified® property and an attorney to sell it.



How does TC Edge work?

TGLS Edge delivers everything you need to market your GREEN Light Certified® parcel:

  • Installed 24" X 24" full-color, vinyl PVC 2-sided FOR SALE road sign
  • 24" X 6" full-color, 2-sided GREEN Light Certified® PVC rider sign
  • Unique toll-free number
  • One hundred custom-designed 8" X 11" promotional flyers
  • Custom TGLSproperty.com listing with unique URL

Your TGLS attorney fields inbound calls from potential buyers, takes offers, negotiates terms, runs the purchase and sale contract, and keeps the transaction in calendar timeframes through close of escrow.

What are the benefits?

Seller benefits

  • Highest-and-best use pricing
  • Documented disclosure of legal risks
  • Fiduciary representation

Buyer benefits

  • Evidence-based pricing
  • GREEN Light certification brings transparency to issues involving use, insurability, and financing
  • Reduced legal risk
How much does it cost?

The Initial fee of $300 covers road signs, toll-free phone number, flyers, and customized web page.

Attorney's time is billed at internet rates for time spent fielding phone calls, taking offers, negotiating terms, and running the calendar through close of escrow.

Attorney receives a two-percent, contingent fee at close of escrow.

I'm interested. What information do I need to order?
  • Email address
  • Type of parcel: Residential, Commercial, or Bare Land
  • Parcel's legal description, parcel number, or street address
  • Parcel's city
  • Parcel's county
  • Parcel's state
  • Parcel's zip code
  • Phone number to display on yard sign
What happens next?

Marketing elements. You will receive an email requesting a description of the parcel and buildings, pictures, and video. The email will be followed-up by a phone call requesting approval for the flyer

Yard signs. Within two days of your Order Request, custom yard signs will be ordered for installation.

Attorney phone call. An attorney will be in contact within two business days to discuss the listing, your time frame, and pricing.

Get Comfortable

We offer a 20-minute, no charge consultation with a real estate attorney so you can get comfortable accessing legal counsel using an internet connection and phone.

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