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Real estate attorneys know faulty contracts and slipshod legal due diligence create expensive problems for buyers and sellers.  

Although not every transaction needs an attorney’s attention, it’s estimated that roughly 10% of the five million U.S. residential real estate transactions closed in 2018 would have benefited from the involvement of an attorney.

Timely Contract is building a network of qualified real estate attorneys across the country to meet this need. 

Check out this ground-level opportunity. Become the exclusive provider of online transactional real estate legal services in your county. As a Licensee of Timely Contract, you will be granted exclusive rights to our matter-leads located in your Service Area.

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How It Works

Know Thy Market. Using experience, niche-based marketing principles, and by striking out a few times, we've learned how the small- to medium-sized investor accesses legal services for real estate transactions.  

Online Presence. Our experienced online marketing team optimizes, advertises, and promotes the Timely Contract brand to produce high quality leads for local real estate attorneys. 

Flat Fee. Licensees pay a flat annual License Fee. There are no percentage-of-sales or per-transaction fees.

Service Area Exclusivity. All matter-leads in your Service Area are instantly delivered to your email inbox, along with client documents. Client Advance Fee payments are deposited directly into your Trust Account.

First-Come, First-Serve. Service Areas allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Target Markets

The GREEN Light System®


Bare Land • Condominiums • For Sale By Owner • HOA's • Lakefront and Secondary •  Platted Subdivision


Construction • Engineering • Farm • Hotel / Motel • Land Developers • Logging • Manufacturing • Mining • Office • Retail • Surveyors

For Sale By Owner Legal Support

For Sale By Owner

Bare Land • Commercial • Condominiums • Court-Appointed Officers • Estate Executors • Farms • Investors • Residential

Why Timely Contract?


Timely Contract has been marketing real property legal services since 2013. Leverage our experience and increase your firm's marketing muscle.


No other online platform has created branded, proprietary online legal services like Timely Contract, because no other market-savvy company understands your target market like we do.


Join a growing national network of real estate attorneys, benefit from our high-tech marketing budget, and decrease your cost-per-lead by spreading the expense out over our larger group.


TC Traditional

Help Your Client, Help Yourself

Level Playing Field

Real estate transactions typically leave the naïve vulnerable to the sophisticate. With Timely Contract®, no longer does the small- or medium-sized investor have to "go blind" during transactions. Timely Contract services put sophisticated legal due diligence and contract services into the hands of buyers and sellers, with time frames that fit standard closing calendars.

Revolutionary Product Design

Finally, transactional real estate contract review and drafting services are available to the online user. Finally, legal due diligence services are available to the small- to medium-sized investor, residential or commercial. With so much money on the line during the typical real estate transaction you may ask yourself, "How did it ever take so long to get these services online?"

Super Support

At Timely Contract®, our standards are high and our timelines are aggressive. We commit to providing the tools you need to understand the products and deliver them within contracted timeframes. We are available for professional or support staff training. Timely Contract is the future of transactional real estate. Get on board or get left behind. GAME ON!

Land attorneys delivering timely excellence

There's no better land attorney than the local guy that knows the territory. Idiosyncratic geological features, land use anomalies, and local surveying practices are just a few reasons why every parcel is unique and requires experienced counsel to provide the best legal service.

As a Timely Contract Licensee, your County becomes your exclusive Service Area for matter-leads. In fact, as the first Licensee for your State, you are assigned all Counties in the State by default. As new Licensee's sign up, Counties in your Service Area may be reassigned to a more "local" guy.

Our e-commerce platform delivers a classic online buying experience making ordering legal services fast and easy. Your custom fee agreement is a required check-off item protecting your business needs and bar license. Advance fees are electronically deposited into your trust account, with notification going directly into your email box.

Once the client's Order Request has been received, follow the Timely Contract step-by-step workflow instructions to deliver your excellent work product in our aggressive timeframes. Clients can't believe attorneys can get deliverables out-the-door as fast as they do at Timely Contract.

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