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Podcast episode by Art Macomber

Has the pandemic created a challenge to meet with a real estate attorney to discuss and issue? Macomber Law has become a licensee of and now provides full service legal solutions via the internet.

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I hope everyone is having a good day today. Here at Macomber Law we are open for normal hours. And we actually have a Kleenex box outside the door so you can take a Kleenex and open the door and then throw it away in the trash can directly inside. We also have hand sanitizer. We also have gloves of various sizes. So you can put on your plastic gloves when you get here. But a lot of people are saying, I can’t even leave the house. How can I do my legal business? How can I visit Macomber Law? During this coronavirus pandemic, we’ve already taken steps to move your legal matters completely online. So how does this really work? We are of course able to have an initial telephone call with you. And we also have complete online capability for you to upload documents that we need to read. We could do it by email, we could do it by online uploading, you can review the fee agreements online. You can make your advance payments and pay your invoices online. In fact, we’ve been setting this up here at Macomber Law since 2017.

We didn’t know there was going to be a Coronavirus pandemic. But we’re always concerned because many of our clients live far away from beautiful North Idaho. And they can’t afford to just travel up here to visit their lawyer about a real property matter or to have a contract reviewed or to figure out how to resolve their easement problem with litigation if they, God forbid, have to sue a neighbor. We’ve been working on this since 2017. And if you go visit our primary page at, you’ll see the steps that you can take that I discussed earlier if you want to physically visit the office. But if you want to put all your legal services online, Macomber Law is a licensee of And if you go to, you can see the various services we offer there. There are specific services that are what we call unbundled where you could have us review a contract, for example, or have us draft a contract. Or perhaps if you’re looking to sell your home or even if you’re looking to buy a home, we can give you a four-day turnaround and review all the documents at the Recorder’s office or the Auditor’s office if you’re in Washington, and give you something in writing to accomplish that due diligence before you put so much money down on a real property purchase.

We can also do many traditional things which we call TC traditional, and which you can easily find on that website. And that is really the the truck through which we can drive all your legal service needs. We can actually do litigation online. Frankly, there’s almost no reason to go visit an attorney’s office anymore. And I know you’re going to miss the leather chairs and the cigars and the you know, highly professionalized expensive office with glass and beautiful oak desks. And yeah, that’s all well and good. But this is 2020. And in 2020, people should just be able to sit at home or sit in an Uber or stand at the grocery store and they can work on their phone, they can work on their computer. Frankly, there’s really no reason to go visit an attorney’s office anymore. And if you’re doing business with an attorney for your real property needs or your contract needs or, frankly anything that’s within our area of business, you can just do it online with Macomber Law.

There’s really no reason for you to leave the house, get in the car, drive down the street, worry about some virus somewhere. Frankly, everybody should be online at this point, especially legal services provisioners. And and if they’re not, then we have to say, are they up on the law because they’re not up on the technology? How can they be up on the law? I mean, what’s really going on here? And what’s really going on is, we are providing legal services in just a completely different way. And we’re quite proud of it. We were one of the first in North Idaho and Eastern Washington to go to online payment capabilities. That was back in, gosh, I’ll bet it was 2014 or 15 or so. And we’ve been slowly enhancing our online capability and, bang, on comes the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, there’s one law firm that’s ready to serve and it’s Macomber Law. So now that you’ve lived through this fourteen minute commercial, or maybe it’s only five minutes, I don’t know, time passes. When you live in North Idaho, it’s so beautiful and sunny out today, let me tell you a story. I had a client the other day. Of course, I can’t name names, and I have to change everything to protect the innocent, and retain the attorney client privilege. But you know, this client wanted to do my job for me. Specifically, they wanted to write some really complex legal documents. And I advised him against it. And I told them, Look, I can do this in half the time. And I do this all the time. And they wanted to do it anyway. So what I ended up doing was reviewing what they did, and then having to go through this entire process of explaining to them why I wrote what I wrote. And what we write is, we write from an eighth grade to a 10th grade English education. In other words, fancy this, we want ordinary people to be able to understand the law. Isn’t that what the U.S. Constitution meant when it said We the People? We the people did this, we the people have to operate this.

You need to be able to read all these legal documents all the time. And so we shortened it, and we shortened it. And we took out all this specialized legal language. And it was really kind of funny, because this guy was just emailing me. And he used Latin, a Latin phrase. And of course, I went and got my legal dictionary and looked it up. And I thought, who talks in Latin? Well, turns out, you know that the guy is quite a polymath, and he likes to delve into the details of everything he comes into contact with, which, frankly, I think it would be quite a burden. You know, if I had to do too much math, I would be over my head. But in this case, it worked out pretty well. And I was able to rapidly educate him on why we needed to write it the way we did. And so we just got right through it. So it was it was actually pretty straightforward.

We always appreciate, when our clients have recommendations for us. They say, I think the letter should say this, or I think the tone should be this way. Or I, I would really like it if the language went in this direction. And, and upon a query to them, we can figure out precisely what’s going on between them and the party they’re trying to work with. And it doesn’t have to be an opposing party. It could be just someone they want to have a contract with. But they know them already. And they want to have a shared well agreement or a shared road provision needs to be worked on or, or something like that. And, you know, the fact is that we don’t know any of these opposing parties.

I mean, frankly, what attorney does? We’re not allowed to speak to them by the professional rules. And so we really have to depend on our client’s knowledge of the people that they have a legal matter with, so that we can actually drive the communications in a way that that will resolve the issue. That’s the whole point. We just need to resolve the issues. And so you know, if we’re going to write a letter to somebody, we’d like to send it to you first, our client. We’d like to send it to you first, have you read it and have you tell us what do you think of it. Do you think this hits it? Do you think it’s written to the addressee? The person that’s going to get it needs to be able to understand it. We want it to be short. We want it to be clear. And we want it to be direct with timeframes so that everybody is on a calendar for getting the thing resolved.

That’s the way that we proudly do law here at Macomber Law. We hope you will join us in this endeavor. We’re actually having a lot of fun over here and and sometimes we feel a little guilty about having so much fun doing our jobs. But you know if you can’t have fun at your job, then gosh, fold up the tent and go home. Really, you know, I don’t play a saxophone and I tried to play guitar for years. I’m just not that good at it. I left and went fishing for over two decades and never caught a fish, not even one. So I don’t fish. But I do read legal texts. And I do I do love doing the law. And, and when I say doing the law, I mean working with the clients who will work with me and get the resolution done.

You know, we have dozens and dozens of clients every year. Brand new, closed out accounts. And then they’re gone. They come and go. It’s very retail and we do not mind. It’s actually you know, really the spark of why the business is so exciting. You know, the dry dusty law books sit over there to the side and, and they’re fine. We crack them open now and again. And that’s great, but but it’s really dealing with the people that we like. Really figuring out the best communications, writing the best contract, writing the best letters, and getting things resolved for you folks. So that you, you the people whom the constitution calls We The People can actually get out there and make this country, and keep this country, great! Because that’s what it’s all about.

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