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Real Estate Legal Due Diligence and Contract Services

Seeing the need for better information during the real estate transaction, Timely Contract developed The GREEN Light System®.

The GREEN Light System is a remarkable new way of assessing the legal risk of a real estate transaction, risk the law assumes you understand

All things being equal, GREEN Light Certified® parcels command a higher market price and reduce legal risk compared to parcels that don't qualify.   

GREEN Light Certified® parcels are ready to be sold for their highest-and-best use price. 


Get your parcel GREEN Light Certified®

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want an attorney to sell my home. After your home has been GREEN Light Certified®, your attorney will be happy to broker your parcel. Visit TGLSproperty.com for more information.
  2. Does The GREEN Light System address all legal risks to title? Short answer is, yes for recorded documents. However, if there are documents pertinent to the parcel that are unrecorded, there is no way for our attorneys or the title insurance company to know about these potential risks.
  3. Does The GREEN Light System address all legal risks: Short answer is no. There exist multiple other sources of legal risk to the use and enjoyment of a parcel including zoning restrictions, federal environmental rules and regulations, and other dictum that are not specific to your parcel but represent information in the public record that is pertinent to your parcel.
  4. I am selling a home in a platted subdivision. Why should I care about getting GREEN Light Certified? Although homes in platted subdivisions are likely to be free from legal risks affecting use, insurability and financing, what if your home was the  exception? For most folks, the home is their biggest asset. Problems with shared well agreements, encroaching out buildings, even road access have been known to happen in platted subdivisions.

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