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Cellphone Tower Leases

by | Jan 17, 2019

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Cellphone towers are spread throughout the country, and most are built on private land (or attached to buildings). Cellphone carriers – such as Verizon, Spring, AT&T, and T-Mobile – lease the land or space to build and operate cell towers on private property.

What Is A Cellphone Tower Lease Agreement
A cellphone tower lease, also known as a telecommunications tower lease, is a legal contract between the owner of the property (the lessor) and the telecom company that wants to install the cell tower (the lessee).

What’s Covered In A Cellphone Tower Lease Agreement
Cellphone tower lease agreements typically include:

  • the specific location where the cell tower will be placed
  • the length of the cell tower lease
  • the amount of money the telecommunications company will pay for the lease (this can be a monthly amount, a yearly amount, or a one-time lump sum payment)
  • permitted uses of the land
  • environmental clauses
  • liability clauses
  • expenses for maintenance of the equipment and antennae (which are usually paid by the cell company, not the landowner)
  • provisions for the sale of the property to another owner

Types Of Cellphone Towers
In an effort to keep up with the demand for mobile phones and good reception, cellphone towers have been placed far and wide, including:

  • cellphone towers in rural areas
  • cellphone towers in suburban areas
  • cellphone towers in urban areas

We’re Here To Help – Experienced Real Estate Attorneys
If you’ve been approached about a cell phone tower lease, give us a call. These leases are complex legal agreements, and it’s important that you have an experienced real estate attorney on your side who will represent your interests.

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