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Who Should Use Timely Contract And Why

The Timely Contract services are extraordinarily useful for the purposes for which they were designed. Timely Contract uses the modern shopping cart online ordering method that is very fast, especially compared with other legal services provisioning. Or someone in need of fast legal advice runs into gatekeepers, voicemails, or has to travel to sit down meetings, as well as the need to establish a personal relationship with an attorney before trust can be built regarding complex legal matters. Timely Contract avoids all that by providing legal services that are very targeted and under the full control of the client. Because Timely Contract legal services for real estate are provided, in fact, in a timely manner, this means that a client does not have to wait around for the real estate lawyer. But instead, the service provisioning requirements mandate a timely response from the lawyer, which is part of the core design of the services. Because legal services have never been provided this way, reasonable questions may arise in the mind of a potential user.

When To Use And When NOT To Use Timely Contract’s Legal Services
The first question is, when should I not be using Timely Contract when I think it would be the perfect service? And the second question is, when should I be using the Timely Contract service? When at first glance, it appears not to be the best choice? On the first question, many people shopping for legal services online, find the timely contract.com website and after a review of the services believe it would be a perfect fit when it’s not the perfect fit. Remember, the Timely Contract group of services are highly targeted. For example, the TC contract review is designed to provide only an attorney’s review and then explanation to the client of a contract’s terms given the clients goals. If a client has suffered a breach of contract by another party, the TC review may highlight the circumstances of the breach. But the client may need to go further to write a letter to the opposing party or in some instances to sue the opposing party for the breach.

Traditional Real Estate Attorney Services Vs. Timely Contract Legal Services
A traditional attorney relationship would be more appropriate because the TC review would simply be the first step in a much longer process. If one needs to understand a signed contract to clarify a provision or to determine whether one’s goals may cause a problem with meeting the terms of the contract, then TC review is a good choice. Also, if a client needs to understand the terms of a contract prior to signing it, the attorney can point out areas where a negotiation should occur prior to signing, especially to clarify language or suggest a different provision or modification of a provision for a contract that can be negotiated by a client without attorney assistance. TC review is perfect. With TC review, an attorney will answer your questions but will not draft contract language because that would make it a TC contract drafting effort. And frequently on a redraft, the real estate attorney needs to talk to opposing counsel or an opposing party, and thus the timeframes and pricing do not allow for that more expanded scope of work.

Title Insurance Exception Reviews
Similarly, the TIER services are designed to deliver a written legal opinion of the documents available in various public records for a real estate buyer’s or seller’s consideration for a specific parcel of land. If a client knows there are problems with the parcel, such as the use of a roadway without permission, the TIER product may not suffice. Because after getting the written legal opinion, the client will more than likely want to directly address the issues of the use of the road by another party. Addressing those road issues will more than likely trigger a more traditional approach to legal services that cannot be captured in the internet shopping cart environment of Timely Contract. Addressing the second question, when should a client be using the Timely Contract service when at first glance it appears not to be the best choice.

Drafting A Simple Quitclaim Deed
When shopping on the internet one can find the TC drafting service and think it is the perfect choice. For example for the drafting of a simple quitclaim deed. A quitclaim deed is a single product for conveyance of an interest in property, and so it appears TC drafting would be the perfect choice. A quitclaim deed must be done very precisely, specifically regarding the names and capacities of the grantors and grantees, and regarding the legal description of the parcel or the property interest being conveyed. TC drafting may be the perfect service because the real estate attorney will procure a title report and determine that information. And for only doing that specific service, TC drafting would be a good fit.

Drafting A Complex Quitclaim Deed
Here’s the danger point though, because there are many uses for quitclaim deeds. For example, if one wants to transfer an asset into a trust using a quitclaim deed, there are a host of wider matters that must be considered, and the TC drafting option may not be the best choice conveyances of assets in and out of family trusts or other estate related legal mechanisms may require more legal advice and a longer term to accomplish than are available under the Timely Contract services. If that is the purpose of a quitclaim deed, the TC drafting service may not be a good idea at all, because the quitclaim deed could be provided and the client may record it and then go their merry way. But the transfer of that property by that method may trigger greater problems with the family trust, or even other tax issues that cannot be addressed without a more traditional relationship with a lawyer.

Analysis Of Title Documents Through TC’s TIER Service
If a client web shopping finds the TIER services, that might be the perfect choice if they’re working with a real estate agent using a boilerplate purchase and sale agreement. The real estate agent helps with the purchase and sale agreement. And the title documents are analyzed by the real estate attorney using the TIER services. And it’s a perfect and timely fit within the calendar demands of the purchase and sale agreement. The realtor does what they do best, and so does the attorney. On the other hand, if a client wants a TIER opinion on the title insurance exceptions documents, but also wants the attorney to draft a real estate contract to go with it. And then wants the attorney to draft a warranty deed and a calendar of the contract, and then make sure the other party follows through on the promises made according to the calendar, then the TIER product would not work. Even the TIER product combined with the TC drafting product would not be a good idea. This is because the attorney will need a more traditional relationship with the client over a longer period of time to address problems that may arise during the purchase and sale agreement process prior to, or even after, the close of escrow. In these examples, the TC services may seem like the perfect solution, but in fact, they may not be the best choice. Because Timely Contract is a group of targeted services for real estate.

Timely Contract Services + Traditional Real Estate Attorney Relationship
There are really two questions to resolve whether to use TC services or not. The first question to ask is whether the legal service provided would be all the service that you need? If so, then Timely Contract is probably the right choice. If not, then a more traditional real estate attorney relationship may serve your needs better. The second question is whether the timeframe within which Timely Contract services are provided will be sufficient to address your concerns. If not, then the traditional real estate attorney relationship may be better. Luckily, there’s a solution if you purchase a Timely Contract service and then you need more legal assistance. There is a simple amendment to the Timely Contract fee agreement which can be a bridge to the provision of traditional legal services. In this way, one can have the best of both worlds. One can use the targeted Timely Contract services in a timely manner, but then upgrade to a traditional attorney relationship if circumstances develop that need. This gives one the maximum flexibility in determining what legal services you need and when you need them. This is the point of Timely Contract, and it works.

At Timely Contract, our primary legal services include: real estate contract review, real estate contract drafting, legal opinions for title insurance exceptions, and research, due diligence, and legal opinions for properties.

Please note that you’ll receive assistance from an experienced local real estate lawyer.

At Timely Contract we have local real estate attorneys who have experience throughout Idaho, including: Boise, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene, Lewiston, Moscow, and Sandpoint.

We also have local real estate attorneys who have experience throughout Montana, including: Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, and Kalispell.

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