General Considerations When Buying Real Estate in Idaho

This article is the first in a series reviewing considerations to be made before investing in a residential or commercial parcel in Idaho. 

Black letter lawIdaho is a common law state where contract language is interpreted strictly and expressly, barring misrepresentation or provable fraud. Law before equity is the rule. So,  assume nothing, check everything. “Buyer Beware” is alive and well in Idaho.

Get it in writing. Require written documentation to substantiate oral representations prior to purchase. Oral contracts to convey interests in real property are invalid in Idaho. Idaho courts may or may not enforce oral agreements, but better to not have to go to court to find out.

Be specific. Be prepared to identify and clarify vague, ambiguous, or overbroad contract wording. Idaho courts will not enforce any implied meanings or assumptions you had going into the purchase. Get specific before you buy.

This posting is not legal advice. Legal advice is based on specific facts. This information is necessarily general in nature.