TC Drafting

Memorialize contract terms. Avoid common errors and unanticipated legal risks. Get  authoritative legal advice. Make sure you’re on a sound legal ground. Address what if’s before they happen. Avoid assumptions. Think ahead. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. 

What is TC Drafting?

TC Drafting gives the online user an authoritative source of customized contract drafting service available from any internet connection. After completing your online Order Request, you will be scheduled to discuss the goals of your contract with an experienced real estate attorney. The TC Drafting service delivers your customized contract to you in ten business days, sooner if possible. You will have a chance to read through the contract, then talk again with your attorney to address any lingering questions or concerns.

    Types of Contracts Drafted

    • Business Asset Purchase and Sale
    • Business Personal Property Loan Security (Article 9)
    • Cellphone Tower Leases
    • Collateral Assignment of Leases, Rents, and Profits
    • Contracts for the Sale and Lease of Goods (Article 2, 2A)
    • Deeds for interest in real property
    • Easements: Vehicle Access, Utility, or Conservation
    • Encroachment Agreements
    • Farm, Hunting, Land Licenses
    • Ground and Building Leases
    • Land Purchase and Sale
    • Lease Amendments, Modifications or Assignments
    • Letters of Intent (Pre-Negotiation Agreement)
    • Office Building Sales-Purchase Agreements
    • Operating Agreements for LLCs and other Corporations
    • Promissory Notes; Deeds of Trust
    • Purchase and Sale Agreements: Residential or Commercial
    • Sale of Development Rights Agreement
    • Shared Septic, Water Agreements
    • Trust, Warranty or Quitclaim Deeds


    • Expert legal opinion
    • Objective third-party advice
    • Customized contract terms
    • Authoritative draftsmanship
    • Timely turnaround

    Who uses TC Drafting?

    • Buyers and sellers of acreage
    • Cash Buyers
    • Commercial Agents, Brokers, and Tenants
    • Developers
    • FSBOs
    • HOA Boards
    • Investors
    • Landlords
    • Property Maintenance Vendors
    • Retailers/Wholesalers

    How much does it cost?

    • Attorney service: $200 per hour charged in six-minute increments
    • Paralegal service: $100 per hour charged in six-minute increments
    • Costs to acquire necessary supporting documents

    Advance Fee is $1000. All fees outlined above are charged against this sum. If the total charges are less than the Advance Fee, a refund will be issued the next business day after the draft is complete.

    To Order

    Have the following handy:

    • Name and contact information
    • Legal description, parcel number, and/or street address of the Subject Property, unless not real estate-related
    • Electronic versions of any template documents and necessary supporting document(s): Examples of necessary supporting documents include letter of intent, list of terms, current deeds, proposed promissory note, proposed deed of trust, estoppel certificates, current lease agreements.
    • Goal(s) of the draft contract
    • VISA, MasterCard, Discover information

    Ordering should take less than five minutes.

    What happens next?

    1. First attorney phone call. You will receive an email scheduling a phone call with your attorney within one business day to discuss the goals of the contract.

    2. Contract drafted. When your contract is complete:

    If the Total Fee is less than the Advance Fee, you will receive a Draft Attached email with the contract draft and invoice attached, scheduling your second phone call with your attorney. Any refund due will be initiated the next business day.

    If the Total Fee is more than the Advance Fee, you will receive a Draft Complete email with an attached invoice. Once the balance owed is paid, you will receive a Draft Attached email with the draft contract attached scheduling your second phone call with your attorney.

    3. Second attorney phone call. Your Attorney will call at the scheduled time to answer your questions.

    Note: Eight (8) holidays are observed per year: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.